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A vast majority of delegates who attend 305 Model United Nations form delegations with students from their college or university. Please refer to the Conference Materials for details on the delegation sizes, the Country Assignment List, and the fees associated with attending the conference. Please contact our staff at register@305mun.org if you have any questions. Delegations are recommended to bring no more than 16 delegates. However, there is no formal maximum delegation size for 305MUN 2018. Delegation size is determined by the number of committees of which the country is a member.
Note: At least one faculty advisor or head delegate must accompany each delegation. No delegation will be assigned a country whose minimum number of slots is higher than the number of delegates attending.
Country Preferences
Please list preferred countries in rank order, keeping in mind minimum and maximum delegation size as listed on the Country Assignment List. Be sure that the countries listed are consistent with the numbers given earlier. Please note that at least one delegate MUST be placed on each committee assigned to a delegation. Please refer to the Country Assignment List for an explanation of all abbreviations used.
1 being yes, 2 being maybe, and 3 being no
Application Questions
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Eligibility: Minimum of ten delegates in your delegation. Independent delegates and international delegations do not qualify.