Valerie Macaulay

crisis director


dear delegates,

Welcome to a turning point in South Africa’s history. The United party had led the government of South Africa since its foundation in 1933. However, after a solid 15 years of influence, the UP was ousted by the NP and race is all the white electorate can talk about. The new government says separate development of different racial groups in South Africa is the equivalent of equal development and freedom of cultural expression. Translated from the Afrikaans meaning ‘apartness’, apartheid is the reasoning and basis of the UP’s agenda.

The year is 1948, and Daniel Francois Malan has just succeeded Jan Smuts in a general election that will defines the racial agenda post World War II. What policies will the new executive branch enforce to abide by their beliefs and “ensure the survival of the white race”? What will happen to marriage…to property… to the prosperity of Africans? Will any movements challenge apartheid? Through clever political maneuvering and creative policies, the responsibility of breaking racial constructs in South Africa falls to you. Good luck!

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to Apartheid, South Africa 1948 at the first ever 305MUN! My name is Valerie Macaulay, and I am pumped to be your chair. I’m a junior in the School of Business Administration, majoring in Finance and Economics with a minor in Political Science. I was born in the 305 and have lived here ever since. During my high school years, I did what any Miami chick would do: brunch’n at Greenstreet, getting sunburnt on South Beach, and wearing any winter gear I could find anytime the weather was below 70 degrees (yes at one point I owned UGGs). I joined the UMiami Model UN team spring of my freshman year and have met some of the most extra, but incredible people yet. Within the Model UN sphere on campus, I serve as the chair of our annual Spanish run committee, CEPAL, at MICSUN, our high school conference. Outside of MUN, I work as a student consultant on a council to improve local startups and non-profits. I am also a huge fan of Friends and am convinced that Chandler Bing is my spirit animal. Please feel free to reach out to me or our secretariat with any questions or concerns. I look forward to meeting you all in the fall!


Go ‘Canes,