Miami has sat at a crossroads between the United States and Latin America for over 90 years. People from around the world create the diverse and electric atmosphere that is present throughout Miami. Over the course of the weekend, 305MUN hopes to embody the vibrant spirit of Miami, and capture the ever-present global influence of the city.

Our Mission

305 Model United Nations' mission is to educate students on pressing international issues and promote dialogue concerning their resolution through annual international model United Nations conferences.

our story

305MUN, hosted by the University of Miami Model United Nations Team, is an authentic, academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about international affairs, diplomacy, and the United Nations.

For the duration of a Model United Nations conference, every participant or ‘delegate’ represents a member state of the United Nations in one of the committees of the UN system. These delegates engage in meaningful debate and discussion about issues ranging from international cyber-security to economic cooperation and sustainable development.

The ultimate objective of a collegiate Model United Nations conference is to encourage students to participate in open dialogue, think critically, and become citizens of the world.