Sumra Wahid

General assembly chair


dear delegates,

Welcome to the General Assembly First Committee on Disarmament and International Security, also known as DISEC. This committee deals with disarmament, global challenges and threats to peace that affect the international community and seeks out solutions to the challenges in the international security regime. DISEC is the largest committee held in this conference, and will be one of the two double delegations. Additionally, in the spirit of 305MUN's core value of being an experimental conference, DISEC will be granting veto powers in accordance with the precedent set by the United Nations General Assembly. 

With security threats present through military efforts and now technological advancements, it is vital for the international community to be alert and ready to cooperate to combat common threats and develop military standards for all nations. This committee is that of the utmost importance to the international community, and all nations voices are expected to be heard and represented throughout the sessions and in the resolution(s). 

As for me, my name is Sumra Wahid and I will be your chair for this committee. Although DISEC is arguably the most intense committee at the conference, I hope to make it an exciting and fun experience for delegates of all skill levels. I am a senior at the University of Miami majoring in International Studies and Chemistry with minors in Arabic and Motion Pictures. I have been doing Model UN since I was a sophomore in high school and enjoy the process of negotiating and compromising to come up with solutions. I am also involved with Student Government, the Miami International Relations Association, Leadership UMiami, and the concert planning committee on campus. I'm a "pretty chill" person, according to friends and the secretariat, but I surprise people with how much I can actually get done, which can be said for how I will run committee. I look forward to seeing how you will come to resolutions and am here to help before, during and after committee. I also encourage all of you to experience Miami, it's an amazing city and holds moments you can't experience anywhere else. Can't wait to see you all next fall!