Ryan Diaz and Pranav Chugh



dear delegates,

Welcome to 305MUN! My name is Ryan Diaz, and I'll be your chair for the Ad-Hoc committee! First, I'd like to give a shout-out to our awesome secretariat, who have been working endlessly to put on this first-ever college conference, taking it from a pipe dream to a full-fledged reality. It'll be fun helping you all through this awesome weekend, and I'm excited to see some interesting debate. 

About me: I'm 305 in and out - from Miami, born and raised. Right now I'm a third-year Computer Science student in the College of Arts and Sciences, minoring in Math and Japanese. I joined the school's MUN team during my freshman year on the urging of a friend, fell in love with it, and here I am. When I'm not doing work or classes, I enjoy playing sports like soccer and rugby, learning new languages, and modifying my car to (not) speed. 

Anyway, I wish you all the best during this weekend of firsts for many of us, and I hope you have fun and enjoy yourselves! 


Ryan Diaz 

Dear Delegates,

Hello delegates! My name is Pranav, and in addition to serving as the USG of Committees, I will also be the Crisis Director for our ad-hoc committee. I believe that this committee will be riddled with lively debate and intense crises, especially with the added twist of the joint-crisis. I hope you all are as excited for this conference as I am, and I can't wait to see what we accomplish!


Pranav Chugh