305MUN 2020 Registration

Registration timeline & fees

Early Bird Registration (February 14th - May 31st 2019)
Delegate Fee - $35
Delegation Fee - $45
Faculty Advisor Fee - $25

Regular Registration (June 1st - November 30th 2019)
Delegate Fee - $45
Delegation Fee - $55
Faculty Advisor Fee - $35

Late Registration (December 1st 2019 - January 1st 2020)
Delegate Fee - $55
Delegation Fee - $65
Faculty Advisor Fee - $45

*Independent Delegates exempt from delegation fees.

Financial Assistance

Delegations of 10+ delegates may submit applications for financial assistance with registration fees (does not apply to travel, hotel, or other expenses incurred while attending 305MUN). The application can be completed here.

Payment Options


Please make conference fee checks payable to the "University of Miami" and mail to the below address:

University of Miami

Study Abroad Office

PO Box 248263

Coral Gables, FL 33124

Please notify us when you have placed the check in the mail. We highly recommend using certified mail to assure that the check arrives to us safely.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is now available! Please email info@305mun.org if you wish to pay via bank transfer.

Money Order

Universities are also able to pay by money order. 305MUN accepts payments through Western Union. Inquire for details about money order payments with info@305mun.org

Refund policy

Delegation fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you add a delegate at any time after the initial payment, you will be charged for that additional delegate fee.

The faculty advisor fee is applicable to those traveling with your delegations that are not competing in committee, but wish for access to conference facilities for observation and feedback. Head delegates are not subject to a faculty advisor fee, but are subject to delegate fees.

If you make a payment after the payment deadline, it will incur a penalty of 25% the unpaid amount. If you do not pay in full by the conference date, you will not be allowed to participate in the conference.

Questions concerning conferences fees, deadlines, or refunds can be directed to register@305mun.org.

Registration Confirmation Protocol

After registering, you can expect a confirmation email and your invoice within 3-5 business days. If you have any questions, contact us at register@305mun.org.