Logan Smith

General Assembly chair


dear delegates,

Climate Change is an issue which has racked our political world for decades, and over the last few years has become an issue of global importance. The international implications of a change in climate could potentially leave millions without their livelihoods, homes, or even access to water. It is our duty as the United Nations General Assembly to preserve communities’ right to life, and clear their paths toward success. The scientific community is in agreement that climate change is on the horizon, if not already occurring. Without taking decisive change as an international body, we will lose our history and quite possibly our existence on this planet.

In committee, the dais will be looking for solutions that expand upon current efforts to reduce the effects of climate change. Furthermore, we would like to see delegates move past current solutions and find new ways to help mitigate this issue, so long as they are backed with empirical evidence. We are not looking for normative arguments in this committee. We can all agree that should climate change occur, it would be devastating to humanity. The dais instead encourages delegates to research why or why not climate change is a top priority issue for their country, and bring in substantive arguments to either pass resolutions that combat climate change, or preempt resolutions to combat climate change. In addition, I hope you all can enjoy debating this topic, as is it an issue with which there has been vast scientific research conducted, and hopefully, arguments for resolutions can be made in confidence.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the third committee of the General Assembly, and our very first 305MUN. We have been working very hard over the past few months to provide you with an engaging and epic conference, and we are excited to have you in the SOCHUM committee! My name is Logan Smith, and I am a sophomore in the Frost School of Music studying Vocal Jazz Performance and in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Political Science. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts but grew up in Denver, Colorado, and finally moved to Miami for some sunshine and a chance to attend the U! Back home in Denver, I attended an Arts High School where I studied voice, and I loved frequenting coffee shops and trivia nights across the city. I joined our MUN team my first semester freshman year, and fell in love with the debate and banter unique to our team members. I am a huge fanatic of any CBS reality show (Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, etc.) and I have actually auditioned to be on Survivor myself. Outside of MUN, I gig around Miami with my jazz band, work as a Resident Assistant in one of our residential colleges, and serve as a student ambassador and tour guide for the University. If you have any questions about our MUN program or the University, please don’t hesitate to send me an email! I’d love to hear from you all. Welcome to 305MUN, I look forward to meeting you all and discussing these very important issues. I hope you have a great Spring, and I look forward to seeing you next fall!

Go Hurricanes!

Logan Smith

Chair Lds100@miami.edu