Hayden Boilini

Specialized general assembly chair


dear delegates,

Welcome to the year 2100. My name is Hayden Boilini and I will be your chair and director for the UN Convention on Space-Faring Nations. I’m honored to be a part of the first ever iteration of 305MUN and am looking forward to exciting sci-fi themed discourse on the future of mankind. A bit about myself, I am a senior here at the University of Miami majoring in Economics and Political Science with minors in Philosophy, Psychology, and Latin American Studies. I never did MUN in high school or even knew it existed, but since arriving at Miami it’s come to define my college experience, controlling my friend groups and constantly threatening my GPA. I wouldn’t change it for the world. If you see me around, I’m an easy going and approachable person, so don’t hesitate to introduce yourself. If I don’t recognize you the second time we meet that’s not because I forgot, I’m just legally blind. By the end of the weekend I should know all of you by your voice alone. I’m looking forward to an in-depth committee that will test your ability to work together, solve crises, and draft solutions to stand the test of time. When you aren’t doing that, definitely check out the rest of the city. Miami’s Latin vibe is legendary and there’s no shortage of great food, great music, and great people.

Now regarding your committee, much about the world we know has changed in the past hundred years. The exponential growth of human knowledge and ingenuity has ushered in a new age of technological, economic, and scientific development both on Earth and among the stars. Such rapid change however has not come without great strife. If we are to continue this journey of human discovery, we must address the growing concerns of the world’s populous and ensure that the pursuit of knowledge is carried out through peaceful means. It is for this purpose that your nations have gathered here this weekend, to establish the framework for the next epoch of the human story.

Our goal for this convention will be the construction of a revised International Space Treaty, one that will finally replace the current outdated space accords and instantly be enacted into international law. It is imperative that any sort of final agreement thoroughly deal with the pressing issues of today including: colonialization, the control of land and resources, space enterprise and commercial regulation, the pace of technological advancement, and the looming possibility of intergalactic warfare. Delegates do keep in mind that while you are

discussing these issues, the world in the 22nd century is constantly in motion. A static environment is something from the past, and each country must be prepared to not only debate the future of human space travel, but react to it in real-time. Can’t wait to meet you all next fall. Until then,

Best regards,