Alfonso Cuellar

Crisis director


dear delegates,

Welcome to the Council of the Gods. My name is Alfonso Cuellar (although I go by Pocho) and I will be your Crisis Director. Let me begin with a little information about myself. I was born in Bogota, Colombia twenty years ago, and spent the majority of my life there, with a few years in California and Maryland the exception. I am a junior here at the University of Miami majoring in Pure Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Political Science. I’ve always believed in aiming for the stars, which is why I dream of one day becoming an astronaut and walking on Mars. I am currently one of the Head Delegates for the MUN Travelling Team here at The U, and have been part of the Secretariat for our High School conference, MICSUN, for the past two years. Outside of MUN, I work as an RA in one of the freshman residential colleges and give out admissions tours as a member of the highly selective President’s 100 organization. I am a huge fanatic of the three S’s: Soccer, Space, and Superheroes, and as you can probably imagine, Greek Mythology.

While living in California seven years ago, I encountered the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” book series and instantly fell in love. The stories and the characters themselves were great (Thanks Rick Riordan!), but what really got me was the mythology itself and how it was implemented into the modern setting. I binge-read the first four books the same way college students binge-watch Netflix shows, and then did external research on the mythology as I await for the fifth book to launch. Since then I have read every book that Riordan has published, and so when I got the opportunity to create a committee I knew exactly the concept I wanted to explore.

My expectation for the committee is for it to be a fun, creative, delegate driven experience, and that’s up to you. While I most certainly have my own ideas for committee, I am looking forward to seeing what all of you come up with for both committee directives and crisis notes. With each of you having been assigned a god or goddess, the possibilities are truly endless.

I look forward to meeting you all in October!


Alfonso “Pocho” Cuellar


P.S. The “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” movies are NOT to be referred, talked about, or acknowledged. As far I’m concerned, this committee will take place in the much better alternate reality where they never happened.